Francesca Lohmann

Opening/Closing Reception

Wednesday, October 22nd


An assembly of small sculptures will inhabit floors, furniture, nooks and crannies in this one-night exhibition.


October 7th

Vignettes Curated LxWxH Box on intimacy and tenderness

Featuring the creations of Doug Newman, Lindsey Apodaca, Lynda Sherman and Sarah Galvin. Please join us for the launch of a Vignettes curated LxWxH Box set of 9 regarding intimacy and tenderness.

Thursday, September 25th
7 - 10pm
Slide Show and Reading at 8pm

"To enter new territory within oneself.              I’m thinking of infinity and what that is" -  Sierra Stinson

image 5

Detail from Doug Newman & Lynda Sherman 20140807_220632_4 Detail from Lindsey Apodaca

September 8th


Collaborative projects between Lynda Sherman, Leigh Riibe, Lisa Orth and Adam Boehmer with and without a 108 year old press.

Opening/Closing Reception
Tuesday, September 2nd
7 -10pm

Because dissemination of the written word in tangible form matters now, more than ever.

photo 2


Resurrection, 2014
Leigh Riibe
5” x 2 1/2” x 7”
Thrifted golden alarm clock, moveable type on cotton paper

August 28th


Photographic collage by Elizabeth Rudge in collaboration with Ryan Miller
with special performance and meditation by Garek Jon Druss

Thursday, August 21st
7 -10pm
Performance by Garek Jon Druss 8pm

"Saturn doesn’t ask us to give up our dreams, only to make them real." -Steven Forrest

Saturn Return is a series of photographic collage exploring the chaos and transformation of subjects who are in the period when Saturn returns to their natal placement. It takes about 29.5 years to bring Saturn back to where it was when you were born. At the time of Saturn Return, some of the choices we’ve made in our twenties are revealed to be out of sync with our true destiny. Sometimes we make life choices before we really know who we are. The Saturn Return pressures us to make life-altering decisions. It often creates a crisis that puts you face-to-face with your fears, and many of these have deep roots in your psyche, but they’re also about living up to societal expectations. It’s a time to be real with oneself about what behaviors and actions need to stay in the past and what needs to change to live the most fulfilled life. It can be a time of chaos, grief, and frustration but if we open to the gifts and insight Saturn brings us our lives can be forever changed.

July 30th

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Hannah Patterson ‘Vol Spirit’ 2013

June 26th

Vignettes | Glasswing | Wyatt Orr

Glasswing Presents: Shapes

A Trunk Show and Exhibition in Collaboration
with Wyatt Orr and Vignettes featuring Michael Ottersen


April 10th - 17th.
1525 Melrose Ave S

Glasswing will be hosting a very special event entitled: Shapes. This conceptual and multimedia experience brings together local fashion design duo, Wyatt Orr and Seattle curator Sierra Stinson of Vignettes. Designers Liise Wyatt and Karly Orr present a trunk show of their stunning spring/summer 2014 line with an installation and video to accompany by Charlie Schuck as well as live projections installed by videographer Patrick Richardson Wright. For the last three years, Wyatt Orr has been designing clean and modern silhouettes which we are excited to see paired up with the contemporary creations of Michael Ottersen.

Sierra Stinson, founder of DIY gallery Vignettes, has invited Seattle artist Michael Ottersen to exhibit a series of paintings to be paired with Wyatt Orr’s Collection. “Abstraction is my interest due to it’s complete access to every aspect of image making but also demands questions and interpretations from the viewer,” says Ottersen who has called Seattle home for nearly two decades now. Ottersen is represented by local gallery SEASON, has exhibited throughout the US and internationally.

Each element comments on our relationship and interaction with shapes. Join us in-store Thursday April 10th for a reception and the opportunity to view the works of some of Seattle’s finest.


April 5th



Thanks to all of your support we reached our goal and beyond for our next big project with Vignettes! Stay tuned for later on this year when we launch the Vignettes Collection online venue featuring unrepresented artists from Seattle and beyond. 

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Eric Becker, Shaun Kardinal,Evan S, Derek Erdman, Joe Rudko, Misa Jeffereis, Yael Knov, Jeffrey Hirsch, Michael Rioux, Carl Lawrence, Linda Downing, Hanita, Candace Calloway-Whiting, Kate McKenna, Erin Gainey, Olivia McCausland, Shannon McClatchey, Dan’l Linehan, Serrah Russell, Bobcros, Klara Glosova, Lauren Max, Petra Franklin, Eric Fisher, Michael Anderson, Scott Everett, Kellen Braddock, Laura Cassidy, Eleanor, Leo Griffin, Diana Falchuk, Laura Hamje, John Osebold, Elizabeth Stinson, Annie Murphy, MKNZ, Kate Ryan, Elissa Favero, Julia Greenway, Colleen RJC Bratton and Chase Bratton, Doug Newman and Jason Gertson, Lynda Sherman, Francesca Lohmann, Andy Arkley, Ilv Strauss, Jeremy Buben, Miranda Hope, Juliet Sander, Gerry Davis, Nathaniel Evans, Brandon Vosika, Allison Manch, Seth Geiser, Missy Dahl, Nick Bartolletti, Mars Williams, Ellen Garvens, Susan Robb, Lillian Ruth Nickerson, Kimberly C. Trowbridge, Hannah Violet, Todd Shalom, Adam Boehmer, I-Ching Lao, Gretchen Bennett, Briana Blansett, Tara Atkinson and Justin Duffus, Ben Kerr, Tamar Benzikry-Stern, Jacob Rosen, Jenise Silva, Jacob Muilenburg, Kelly Froh, Kira Burge, Kelly O, Jim Demetre, Atta Dawahare, John C.Fitzsimmons, Yonnas T Getahun, Jessica Dolence, Rena Bussinger, Naomi Rincon, Sharon Muilenburg, Sharon Arnold, Margie Livingston, C Davida Ingram, Mark Mitchell, Siolo, Randy Leslein, Erin Frost, Laurie Kearney, Andrew Sullivan, D.K. Pan, Eirik Johnson, Sara Edwards, Jessica Atkinson, Erik Smith, Andrew Nedimyer, Kellie Talbot, Jesse Higman, Anna R Hurwitz, Crystal Nicodemus, David A. Davidson, Eric Aguilar, Wyly Astley, Melanie Miller, Laura Williams Argilla, Leah Baltus, Euguenia Hudak Klimenkoff, Michael Fettig, David Price, Lauren Klenow, Kim Selling, Joana Stillwell, Julia Hensley, Diana Adams, Tim, Susan Graham Fitzgeralds, ilijenn, Nicole Edmonds, Marleigh Atherton, William Robert Fitzgerald, Rathna Sharad, Nikolai Lesnikov, Chandler, Todd and Grey, Rose, Tyler Coray, Cable Griffith, Richard Porritt, Stacia, Calie Swedberg, Pol Roosenthal, Neal Katz, Donna Grisham, Rachel Ravitch, Alan Sutherland, A Erin Langner, Erin Jorgensen, Kate Protage, Emily Pothast, Ellen Ito, Tim Summers, Suzanne and Steven Apodaca, Megumi Arai, Barbara Shaiman, Darla Varrenti, Catherine Hillenbrand, Julie Alexander, Margaret Bregger Coston, Carlos Esparza, Beth Cullom, Kari Rafello, Alisa Furoyama, Mandy Greer, Lorrie CardosoBrenda Scallon, Amanda Michele Dellinger, Alida + Christopher Latham, Katy Stone, Maryly Cushingham, Natalie Wastnidge, Sohaila Adela, Marlow Harris, Joan Myskowski, Derek Ghormley, Colleen O’Holleran and all of the anonymous contributors!!!!!!

April 2nd

Beauty Was the Case That They Gave Me

Authors, Publishers and Readers of Independent Literature (APRIL)
and Vignettes unite for a group exhibition inspired by the poetry and words of Mark Leidner’s BEAUTY WAS THE CASE THAT THEY GAVE ME.

March 26th
7 - 10pm
8:30pm reading by Mark Leidner

Kimberly Trowbridge
Max and Graham
Nate Steigenga
Nick Bartoletti and Claire Haranda
Rafael Soldi
Todd Jannausch


Curated by Aidan Fitzgerald and Sierra Stinson

A large thank you to Letterpress Distilling for sponsoring this event with their delicious product!

March 9th

Vignettes Love Party 2014

Thank you all for joining us for the Vignettes Love Party! We had a lot of fun and hope you did too!

For Love Van Photo Booth Photos click on the image of these two love birds below


Vignettes Love Party 2014

and here are some images of the party and installations from the event photographed by Kari Champoux


Derek Erdmand


The Lookout by Estee Clifford and Alexa Anderson





Alice Gosti and Molly Sides

_MG_3420 Anthony Sonnenberg

_MG_3200 The lovers


Doug Newman


Anthony Sonnenberg

_MG_3394 MKNZ ‘Be Mine’


Erin Frost and Dakota Gearhart installation

_MG_3196Dakota Gearhart installation

February 18th


Get your tickets today for Vignettes Love Party!

Friday, February 14th

Love City Love

1430 Summit Avenue

7pm - 1am


Vignettes is pleased to present a Love Party at Love City Love for all lovers, ex-lovers and future lovers!

Featuring artwork by:
Alexa Anderson & Estee Clifford
Dakota Gearhart
Derek Erdman
Doug Newman
Erin Frost
Graham Downing
JD Banke
Joe Rudko & Kelly Björk
Kelly O
Klara Glosova
Lindsey Apodaca

Performance by Molly Sides

Live music by Mrs. Cooper, DJ Res, Wishbeard, and AIRPORT

There will be a quarrel cocktail bar, lovers photo booth by Patrick Richardson Wright, stick-n-poke tattoos by MKNZ and a kissing booth by Max Kraushaar and Hannah Patterson !

The organizers: Sierra Stinson, Olivia McCausland, Aidan Fitzgerald and Adam Boehmer

January 17th


Vignettes will be taking a break from our smaller on-site exhibits to work on our new projects for 2014.

Save the date for a party we will be throwing at Love City Love on February 14th full of performance, installation and festivities to be had!

We would like to thank Prairie Underground for donating to Vignettes 2013 and 2014 programming. We are grateful for their support and couldn’t do it without them and you!

Cheers and Happy New Year!


Sierra, Graham and Dinah


drawing by Kelly Bjork

December 21st


By Adam Boehmer

Thursday, December 19th

7 - 10pm

KEPT is a collecting. Simply by being alive we are collectors and in a certain state of mind, objects, our thoughts, and people we know present themselves as collectible and so we keep them. We keep them around and arrange them, like a physical spell: all of the objects for our pieces, all of our pieces for the show. A city can keep you, and you can keep that city. You can keep a lover long after you have lost them. You can be kept.
Tongue of Flame
Found wood / gold leaf


December 7th

Sharon Arnold - Art Nerd Seattle Dear Diary : Sierra Stinson

November 29th


A new portrait series by Lauren Max

Friday, December 6th

7 - 10pm

"The ‘normal’ among us often try to dictate what is appropriate behavior for societal structure, and yet their lives are empty, their hearts corrupt. Perhaps the ‘strange’ among us are, indeed, on the correct path. Often their lives are plain, their hearts fragile, scarred, but purified by trial."
- Lord Vincithias



A Summer Swim

Digital C-Print




November 16th

Q & A with Jake Uitti - Curating with Sierra Stinson The Monarch Review 

November 13th

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