Vignettes was founded in 2010 by Seattle-based artist and curator, Sierra Stinson. It began as a series of one-night only exhibitions featuring new creations by artists in Sierra’s studio apartment on Capitol Hill.
It quickly became a malleable alternative venue for emerging and  underrepresented visual artists of all disciplines to exhibit new creations in an intimate and nurturing environment in which they can experiment and exchange with the viewer regarding their process and practice.

In 2014 Vignettes extended it’s exhibitions beyond Sierra’s apartment into site specific venues throughout the city of Seattle in addition to expanding into an online venue to offer a curated space and dedicated writing for underrepresented artists.

Today Vignettes is facilitated by Sierra Stinson in partnership with Serrah Russell, artist and founder of online gallery Violet Strays. Serrah Russell is a Seattle-based visual artist and independent enabler of artists.


Serrah Russell and Sierra Stinson at Studio 126 | Photograph by Rafael Soldi