Listen to the Thunder Shout I Am

Doug Newman
September 21, 2012

I first met Doug Newman in my apartment at one of the twenty-four Vignettes exhibitions that took place in 2011. He would attend when he wasn’t working and usually purchase a piece for him and his partners apartment two floors down.

One day I received a series of fliers under my door inviting me to his exhibition at ReBar titled ‘Like Sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives’ it fell on a day that I had no desire to leave the apartment, but the short walk was inexcusable and I knew I would enjoy what I found there. Graham and I walked down and quickly found ourselves socializing, drinking a beer and purchasing two framed works for our growing collection.

Shortly after we decided on our purchases we were led to the back room in which everyone found themselves a seat for the second part of the show. Doug sat at the back with a large stack of slide spools and a projector. The music began and immediately we were drawn into his world. Each series of photographs documented years, months, days that could all exist as one long dream. You soon learned that this individual was capable of photographing humans at their most vulnerable state and at the same moment not exploiting them at all.

Doug’s images remind me of all of my favorite photographers I’ve studied in history.

You know something is happening when he has his camera out and you want to be a part of it.

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