Originally a series of one-night only exhibitions featuring new creations by artists in a studio apartment in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, WA. Vignettes quickly became a malleable alternative venue for emerging and  underrepresented visual artists of all disciplines to exhibit new creations in an intimate and nurturing environment in which they can experiment and exchange with the viewer regarding their process and practice.

In 2014 Vignettes extended it’s exhibitions beyond the apartment into site specific venues throughout the city of Seattle in addition to expanding into an online venue to offer a curated space and dedicated writing for independent artists. Today Vignettes is a curatorial collective of founder, Sierra Stinson and artist Serrah Russell exhibiting public installations throughout the country.

Serrah Russell and Sierra Stinson at Studio 126 | Photograph by Rafael Soldi

Serrah Russell (b. 1986) is a Seattle, WA based visual artist and independent curator. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the University of Washington in 2009 and has since exhibited her art in solo and group exhibitions throughout the Pacific Northwest and in Vancouver, British Columbia; Melbourne, Australia; London, England; Athens, Greece, Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY. Her work investigates the malleability of the photographic image and explores subject and surrounding through the relationship of emotional and physical landscapes. In 2019, Russell published her first artist book, tears, tears, with publisher Yoffy Press featuring works created during the first 100 days of the 45th Presidency. Russell began her curatorial practice as founder and co-curator of the online arts exhibition space, Violet Strays (2011-2016). She has since curated independent exhibitions in Seattle, including four years on the curatorial team for the NEPO 5K, and most recently co-curating at Seattle Pacific University Art Center  ‘At The Edge of Both’: a group exhibition featuring 4 artists who explore the complexity of geography and place. Russell serves as a co-curator with the curatorial collective Vignettes.  // serrahrussell.com

Sierra Stinson (b. 1985) is a curator and dreamer based in Brooklyn, NY. In 2010 she founded Vignettes. Sierra has curated and produced independent exhibitions of visual, installation and performance art including OUT OF SIGHT – a large scale satellite to the Seattle Art Fair, ONN/OF a light festival for the PNW winters and NEPO 5K – a literal art walk of site specific works throughout neighborhoods in Southern Seattle. Her practice is empathetic, collaborative, and takes shape as temporary public art installations and alternative venues. She published ‘Sun Worshipers’ a compendium of 27 PNW artists in 2012 launched at Family Business in NYC.  In the last decade her curation has included over seventy artist’s solo exhibitions and group exhibitions presenting works by artists and poets Yrsa Daley-Ward, Victoria Haven, Gretchen Frances Bennett, Lead Pencil Studio, Jeffry Mitchell, Tommy Pico, Rodrigo Valenzuela, and Martine Syms. // sierrastinson.com