EXPORTED: Kimberly Trowbridge – Light Through the Trees, Évora Monte, Portugal

As soon as we learned that the incredibly talented, always exuberant and instantly captivating Seattle-based painter Kimberly Trowbridge was in Portugal for a few months, we knew we had to see the world that she was seeing. So today, be transported to Évora Monte through Kimberly’s eyes.

Here I am again, in the landscape of my heart. After only six months, I made a U-turn in Seattle, answering a strong magnetic pull with my return. I am in the Alentejo region of Portugal, a rolling landscape of farmlands, marble quarries, and the majestic Stone Oak and Cork Oak Trees. Here I am, offering you these images to give you a sense of this place that speaks to me more clearly, more tenderly, than any voice I’ve known before. 

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