Diagrams and Constructions of Atmospheric Heat : Not-So-Outer Space

Isaac Quigley
November 15, 2012

My initial query was into outer space. But, I soon realized that I knew nothing about outer space. I have never studied astronomy. Most resources in my studio concerned physical geography and climate. I found some information and diagrams depicting the reflection of solar heat off of the Earth’s surface into the Earth’s atmosphere. That heat is then re-radiated by greenhouse gases in all directions including back towards the surface of the Earth, heating our environment warmer than it would be without the presence of the gases.
This is known as the Greenhouse Effect. It keeps us from freezing to death.

My attempt to investigate Outer Space became an investigation of Inner Space, the place where greenhouse gases keep all of us alive and safe. So, the series of work became a rather broad examination of staying warm physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Atmospheric Heat with Border
28” x 22”
acrylic, sharpie, paper, glitter, pins, and lace on canvas.

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