Constant Relations

Eleanor Petry

March 5, 2015


‘From the same body. We now exist in our own. We are individual and yet, there is an underlying connectedness between us all. I explore what those alliances reveal in these Constant Relations.’


My Antagonist

He is so multifaceted with his talents, a fine specimen of a human. Though he is full of
wonder, he seems to so easily get into trouble often.
Sometimes I get caught in feeling suspenseful about what his future may hold.
But I have no way of knowing that.
We only have now.

Benjamin Petry, my younger brother

My Drifter

She comes and goes.
Floating from one scene to another
From some friends to others
Sometimes I will join her
Sometimes I stay.

Annabelle Petry, my older sister

My Cocoon

I could melt into her. She hides me away when I want to be hidden.
She is my covering. I know she’ll always take good care of me.
It is easy to let her give me everything. I have to remind myself she has wishes too.
I have to remember to ask her “how are you?”
I have to remember to kiss and hug her.
My secret keeper, my burden sharer, my all encompassing friend.

Olivia Petry, my younger sister

My Solace,

He knocks on my door “come in” I say
“What are you doing, want to watch something with me?” he proposes.
I reply… thinking to myself, I can put off my responsibilities a little longer.
The hours slip away as we are together until I say “okay I must work now, you gotta go…
can you bring me some tea?”
“Alright, yeah I can” he sighs as he walks out of my room.

Josiah Petry, my younger brother

My Sweet Thing

She is growing. So eager to learn.
She constantly plays the piano and reads books, to the detriment of her chores.
I photograph her often, paying her for her time with chocolates and bubble gum.

Faith Petry, my younger sister

My Stargazer

She is so beautiful and innocent.
Full of ideas not yet soiled by the reality of living in this world. Watching her as she
plays by herself, satisfied and content.
It brings me back to the days when I felt like that.

Chrysalis Petry, my younger sister

My Novice

He is discovering his wonder for life,
his curiosity about his own existence.
We are entering new territory as brother and sister.
He is starting to love me.
We are becoming friends.

Jon-paul Petry, my older brother

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