Saturn Return

Photographic collage by Elizabeth Rudge in collaboration with Ryan Miller
with special performance and meditation by Garek Jon Druss

August 21, 2014

“Saturn doesn’t ask us to give up our dreams, only to make them real.” -Steven Forrest

Saturn Return is a series of photographic collage exploring the chaos and transformation of subjects who are in the period when Saturn returns to their natal placement. It takes about 29.5 years to bring Saturn back to where it was when you were born. At the time of Saturn Return, some of the choices we’ve made in our twenties are revealed to be out of sync with our true destiny. Sometimes we make life choices before we really know who we are. The Saturn Return pressures us to make life-altering decisions. It often creates a crisis that puts you face-to-face with your fears, and many of these have deep roots in your psyche, but they’re also about living up to societal expectations. It’s a time to be real with oneself about what behaviors and actions need to stay in the past and what needs to change to live the most fulfilled life. It can be a time of chaos, grief, and frustration but if we open to the gifts and insight Saturn brings us our lives can be forever changed.