Adam Boehmer
December 19, 2013

KEPT is a collecting. Simply by being alive we are collectors and in a certain state of mind, objects, our thoughts, and people we know present themselves as collectible and so we keep them. We keep them around and arrange them, like a physical spell: all of the objects for our pieces, all of our pieces for the show. A city can keep you, and you can keep that city. You can keep a lover long after you have lost them. You can be kept.

Oh my goth

Lauren Max
December 6, 2013

“The ‘normal’ among us often try to dictate what is appropriate behavior for societal structure, and yet their lives are empty, their hearts corrupt. Perhaps the ‘strange’ among us are, indeed, on the correct path. Often their lives are plain, their hearts fragile, scarred, but purified by trial.”
– Lord Vincithias