Implication of Waiting

Hanita Schwartz
August 30,2012

The implications of waiting are not predictable.
They are a result of many hours spent in the car, on playgrounds, in bars, at the doctor’s office, waiting for takeout, etc.
This work is a result of me waiting.

sleeping with my contacts in

Graham Downing
August 25, 2012

‘I’ve been sleeping with my contacts in for the last four months.
Sometimes if they hurt in the morning I’ll take them out and wear my glasses for the day.
I’ve had these glasses since high school and people always say I don’t look like myself when i wear them.

I also don’t know my social security number.
And i always buy gas 5 dollars at a time.’

Live Through This: A Retrospective

the early work of Leigh Riibe

August 9, 2012

A mixtape archive and a photo herstory of one girl in America.

Good Sister/Bad Sister, 1996
title credit: Hole

Blessing Mix Up, 1996
title credit: Pussycat Trash