This Is The Crisis I Knew Had To Come (Brutally Taking Its Toll)

Susan Robb and Robert Yoder

Opening/Closing Reception Tuesday, April 26th from 7-10pm.

'I just need to remind myself why I started this and what the real important things are.  I realize with a strange mixture of dread and hope, I already know the future—I answer my own questions as I ask them.  I stand still as everything else rushes past, and I am blissfully, painfully happy.'

Susan Robb and Robert Yoder, 2011

Robert Yoder - Untitled (Carl Again) 2011, oil on panel, brass, vinyl covered styrofoam, mylar, 24 x 36 x 6

Susan Robb - Untitled, 2011, HD video loop

April 16th

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